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Greencoat - Ultimate Seal

Greencoat is a premium quality seamless water based cementitious co-polymer coating.

Greencoat is designed to produce a high build coating which is extremely flexible, very strong, and which produces an abrasive resistant, durable finish for both interior and exterior application.

These properties enable cracks to be bridged and filled. Greencoat has very low moisture permeability, and is thus ideal for areas subject to high humidity, or where protection from condensation is required.

The moisture resistant surface of Greencoat will allow water to run-off, and protect the substrate by stopping penetration.

Greencoat has very high tensile strength along with superior adhesion and elongation properties, additionally as a waterproofing coating and lining in mining dam situations Greencoat offers a superior quality alternative to plastic.

Greencoat Membrane Test Explanation

%Elongation :
The amount of deformation the membrane can elongate before failure.
No standard exists for external membranes but for internal wet areas in buildings we have AS4858 where membranes are classified according to elongation.
Class I = 10 - 59%, Class II = 60-299% & Class III = 300% or greater.

Most cementitous modified formulations have an elongation of less than 100%.
Greencoat formulation is around 200% (very flexible).
Membranes with 300% or more are not cement modified.

Tensile and Adhesion Strength :
The maximum force in MPA recorded during the tests. These tests are performed using a dumbell sample tested at a jaw separation rate of 50mm/min. The tensile and adhesion strength is calculated based on the width and thickness of the sample to determine N/mm2 = Mpa. Basically this tells you how tough the membrane is. Again most membranes have a tensile/adhesion strength of around 1 to 2 Mpa.
Our product is greater than 5 Mpa = "very strong indeed".

Hydrostatic Pressure Resistance :
This is a test to indicate the head of water the membrane can withstand before water is forced onto the surface of the membrane and tries to penetrate the film. -ve pressure is when water is forced through the substrate to the back of the membrane and tries to push the membrane off the substrate. Greencoat product design was tested for use in potable storage of water etc. to AS4020. We also tested +ve hydrostatic pressure resistance. Our equipment can only test up to 5 Bar pressure (1Bar=10 metre head of water). Most products do not reach 5 Bar but our material passed 5 Bar (50 metre water head) therefore we can only state > more than 5 Bar.

Chemical Resistant :
Tests indicate to AS4858 that membrane has high chemical resistance, including cyanide parts per million, and caustic parts per million by way of samples provided. Membrane test shows tolerance to saline water. Tests to AS4020 for potable water usage.


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